Monday, June 20, 2011

The greatest gift I ever had Came from God, I call him Dad!

my dad is a music lover! he loves to play guitar, drum and indeed, he plays best in keyboard. And, Daddy has a great voice too! :P yeah, he's the best criticizer in the house! i have to make sure dad's not around when i want toooo sing!

nanti dia bilang 'hujan oh hujan, kenapa engkau turunn..'

we have his passion. we're also into music so dearly!
here's dad during his teenager's life.

Dad with his guitar.

Dad in role, and as a Charlie Chaplin :P

Dad, the singer.

we bought a vintage jacket for him yesterday, and we were a little bit worried actually. He spontaneous mentioning earlier that he still have lots of new clothes/shoes which he clearly dont need any additional of these. we were clueless and blank, to think the whole evening just to find a perfect gift for him. cerewet sikit ba dadi sa ni :P HAHA

me: Dad! happy father's day! *hugging him*
Him: okay, thank you.
Me: naah, gift dari kami! tia tau dadi suka ka nda
Him: em, suka ba.. suda kna beli, mana dadi buli cakap tia suka
me: tingu mah dad
Him: nanti la.

and he later unwrapped the plastic,

Him: apa ni, napa mcm selimut

me: T_T

Him: wah, cantikk o!! vintage! dadi suka ni jacket!

and he put it on.

soo happy ler my dad loves it! :))

Happy Father's Day, Dad! :)

& to my brother and brother-in-law.

We love you!

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