Wednesday, June 29, 2011

im more than a bird, im more than a plane..

it was a hectic days. but the sweat just worth it! I was at my worst feeling nearly abdicated my responsibilities, but thank God, i had the time to complete them just MINUTES before the 'judges' arrived :P and surprisingly, our branch did a great job! And for sooo many times i said, im just too proud to be part of the company :)

anyway, i was having this korean day dreaming all day. I was imagined myself walking around the lake, arms to arms with *cough, junpyo. haha oh God, he is just so beautiful! The hottest man alive indeed. his character was soo real, and my, i just love him so deeply. I know im the last one to watch it. But naah, whooo caress! Haha

Two days more n it's friday.
howw great it is!!

til next post, cheers!

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