Saturday, June 18, 2011

Home Sick, Mind Sick.

Hello Saturday!

It is 18th already! My, it's baby Khayla's fullmoon :D can you actually believes how fast times is?? i am utterly excited to meet her later! in just few more hours.

in the meantime, let me enjoy the coldness of tonight! how i miss to be home! it's been awhile since we, the family, gathered together. celebrating and toasting. laughing and sharing. Feeling reunited is amazing! and i miss to feel that way. i immensely miss my memories. growing up is never an option, i know. but, as we grew older, we tend to leave lots of things behind, to chase things that we thought is matter the most.

why we have to grow up, anyway? why things must changed? why cant it stays the same? .. no, i am not doubted God's work, but sometimes i wish i have a better answers to these.

but God, i know.

I have to grow up to continue discovering life, or else, i'll be trapped in only one stage for the whole life without knowing how it feels to be kid, to be young, to be older. to deal complications as any of these. Things have to change. cause nothing last forever. but we-know-who. The world is moving, and i guess, that is why it cannot stays the same like, for ever.

i just miss those days, badly.

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