Sunday, June 26, 2011

Madly Midnight.

Ive been in a funk, counting the hours before i meet the judges. i am not used to it, yet. i am utterly new to this, tho i experienced sitting next to the auditor before, and attend an auditor's class for a half a year, but it still gets my nerve. im trying to get a snap out of it.

it is almost 3 am in the morning. i was really sleepy hours ago, and a slurp of Nescafe did awake me til this very moment. i cannot sleep -__- thousands of things running in my mind. my, where do i starts?

i miss my family.

im so dead worried how my coming 20th Sept will be! it's my 1st year working with the company. i am not a great prediction-er. in fact, out of 100, only 40% of it came true.

i started to realize that i am about to face a big financial crisis. obviously, cause i didnt manage my money perfectly. i practically had invested them in a wrong place. like, Online Shopping and Super market.

i havent really complete my work actually, i bring lots of files home, hoping i could finish them in a day, cause Sunday is Hari Rehat Sedunia, but i have only started with the basic thing. T_T im tooo moody to continue finishing it.

i think i am getting really really fat. i cannot fit into my jeans. seriously.

im dying to watch Transformer next week!

i fall in love with Junpyo :D he smells pretty awesome! he take my breath away~

too many in my heads. and i dont know which is this, which is that.
sigh. forget this shitty crap.


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