Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Caii!!!

Happy Chinese New Year guys!!!!
i had my first ang pow :D thanks Kak V! =D

Me & my dear went to kk yesterday to buy things2 la kunun, but we were caught at the traffic saloon for more than 3 hours. hair done and meni/padicure :) good thing was, my dear being soooooo sporting and did not even nag me a single word! he even got his nails done. hahaha! i was looking around in Roxy, Padini and Soda for a new purse and jacket, but found nothing :( tiaaada yg ngam o d hati. so sad, i only bought some magazines and office-wear things :(

we went to Likas Stadium for a football match! =D
but, will share it later :) so sleeeeeepy skrg. hehe


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