Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You're my sunshine, my only sunshine..

Goooooood morning people!
it's Wednesday already, few more days before CNY =P
i useddd to be in the part of celebration, but nahh, time goes by. everybody moves on. 


haiyer,i really thought i can bring my new baby going back home oh! i have to wait after cny to really be with him. no, it's her. how cool is that? i can actually pick a gender for her!! so, my new baby OFFICIALLY is a girl =P Haha!! anyhoo, it's not just that! the colour i want also finish stock o. haiyer, so sad. Hopefully, Mr. Adee will brings a little sunshine for me today. with a great news, i hope. 

wake up feeling weird this feeling, 
How weird is that, to dream about your so-called first love? 
and he was on his knees proposing. 
wth. the memories dancing in my mind all over again. shit! 
the last time I heard, he's still single. 
Mimpi hanya mainan tidur, dont they say that? =P

ive been fixing my bb this morning. im so stressed out! 
i dont know what the shit has been going on, but i cant actually opened my bbm. 
since im addicted to this thing called bb, so yes. it effects my 90% mood. 

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