Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kisah cinta kita di Jakarta III

it's a busy day at d office today, luckily, i am at the back office :P
it's an outdated story i wanna share here, it just comes across in my mind when im doing the calculation work. 

it's the continuous story from the Love of Jakarta
i booked a room through agoda.com and the hotel looks amazing. you see, the bed, the flat screen tv and it had just been renovated. Oh, it's cheaper than any other hotels i found. it just few metres from the city, so, 

cool, right?

so, we arrived at the Sukarno International Airport around 8pm, took a taxi and went straightly to the Magnolia Hotel. 30 minutes passed, okay, it's traffic jammed, no worries, 1 hour passed, we started to ask the taxi driver if he really knew the place, 2 hours passed, my mum looked at me and said 'are you sure, it's Magnolia?' 

OMG! the hotel locates way too FAR from the city! we even got lost! and my oh my, you cant imagined how the traffic jam works in Jakarta. the road was heavily packed, fyi. Soooo, cari punya cari, almost 3 hours la, we reached the hotel. 

Honey, we have to always believe in 'Don't Judge the book by its cover'
sometimes, it can be worst than we expected it to be -_-

Firstly, the room. 
it looks totally different from the photo above. 
there's no window (sesak nafas!!haha)

secondly, the Bathroom. 
it HAS NO DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Seriously, it has no door!!! 
they just hang a short plastic cover on the door, but apparently it looks , weird. cause it short and makes no difference at all. i had to put our luggages at the door and switched the light off when i showered. 

man. it felt no cool at all!!

my mum keeps nagging at me, haha and we moved to a new hotel the next day. 
we went to the city, and found ARAMIS hotel, which 's nicer and cossy. 
we kept asking the front desk if the bathroom has door or no!
oh, and it located at the heart of the famous Mangga Square Mall. 


If u plan to visit Jakarta one day, try Aramis Hotel. the room included breakfast (so yummy!) and the staff were heavenly friendly :)


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