Monday, January 16, 2012

New Chapter!

Oh, how i miss you, Blog!!!!!

my CELCOM broadband has been pretty shitty to me lately, in fact, it had just declared a war with me, No line at all baaa!! i even paid one month in advance, now even a single bar pun teda! cis! beladi pul!! naik darah o hari2 d ruma. waiting patiently depan monitor. huh!

tp here d ofis, full bar la :D 
jadi, okay sikit la. boleh laaaaa... 
my dear keep asking me to cut the line, but ..
see how. 

anyhooooooooooo, NEW YEAR!! 
happy new year guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have trillion of things to share here, but since i also have trillliiiiooon of works to do, i'll narrow it down :D

Oh, new year! how i celebrate it?
nothing much, just a party with my families. they drank too much downstairs and i just staring at the TV upstairs, chit chat with my bro and his gf, the next thing i knew, i heard a loud big boom and noises wishing everybody's new year. 

Oh, it's NEW YEAR already. 
my dear came at the door and wishing me new year. 
he enjoys the party more than i did. haha he even get a chance to taste the Tapai thing. 

this year should be good to me.
i just get an incremental pay!! which is awesome! thanks PNB <3
i just get a new baby. i am so addicted with my bb now. 
altho i only have few list in my bbm :P my dear insisted me to buy that instead of S Galaxy cause he's using it too! and murah lagi ba sikit dari S Galaxy note tu. hihi

and i am in the process of adopting another baby. no, it's not adopting. it's buying, i supposed. let's see if everything goes smoothly. 

Oh, i gained lots of Kilos this month. 
Saya sangat gemuk, sekian. 
i might consider dieting. 

i might ending the year with becoming Mrs? 

Happy new year again. 
cheers to the wonderful days to come. 
daaaa ~


Dora A. said...

Yes! BB won over Samsung. Same to me altho the boyfriend sj in my list. :)


Ending the year becoming Mrs, sounds exciting.

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Haha! mcm siok lg guna bb kan, app pun banyak ni.

yeshhhh!! still planning, d date keeps changing but hopefully, we'll find the fix one anytime soon :)

thanks dora hehe