Sunday, December 7, 2008

Birthday and us

i went out with my dearest buddies last friday, oo heck.. lama suda sa tia kuar with them.. ~ really miss ~ so, me and Cicak planned to do a surprise birthday for Cely..2 ari awal. It was a last-minute planned actually, few minutes before im heading to Ranau hehe.. and thanks to Cicak for sponsored the chocolate cake :P hehee...
* if you wondering whos cicak, shes buddy Cylia , we've been calling her since primary :P*

At 6.15pm, Mum sent us to KFC.. and just we planned to hide the cake, (so Cely wont smell the surprised).. mum blew out the truth! haha.. she accidentlly asked us " Sepa punya birthday ni kamu buat.."
Cely looked at us ; and we were like..." was Mimie's!! " ~ her birthday was 6 months ago... we just cannot hold the laughter... She knew it, finally... hehe

there were only 4 of us ; sadly Gomoi, Beth and Ujie cannot join us. Plus, the missing Ming Chai.

Smiling from the birthday girl~

We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Suria baja hitam!! haha sorry cak, sa ambi timun ko :P

" sa pun mau!! sa pun mau!! " - Mimie

muka2 kelaparan suda hehehe

yo man??! haha

i LOVE the moment i shared with them. we talked until near 10pm ~ talking about the memories in schools and the holidays we went together.
and the words " Do you remember the moment...., Ko ingat ka tu masa...." were said repeatedly.
sempat lagi kami crita hantu aa.. sampai sa tia dapat tidur 2 hari. bagus btul kan..
but anyway,
i cant wait to gather again with all of them this coming January in Labuan :)
well, it's 1.20 December 8th Morning... it was Cely's supposedly birthday..hehe
Happy Birthday again buddy!!!

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♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

cute la tu cake.. hehe.. ramai jua aa bday bulan 12 nih..