Friday, December 5, 2008

Only if i can...

i went to 1b again with my sister for handbag shop. ya, i need it for my next week trip since the old one had officially changed owner haha.. my mum love that one.

so, we went to this first shop, and there were LOTS of new handbags there... rambang mata la trus sa ni kan.. but im limited to only ONE bag.. so, punya lama sa pilih this one. My sister helped to pick, and even she did, i still have the desire to buy the three of them! only if im afford la.. hehehe... pilih punya pilih, last2 i buy the one my sister suggest me to.

By the time we reached home, i hanged the bag on the ceiling, and.. staring at it ~ for awhile.. hurm.. so i asked my sis

me : kobie, cantik ka ni bag?
Her : cantik ba..
me: emmm.. cantik ba kan
her: yala, sebab sa yang pilih kan..
me: emm... cantik ba kan.. tapi tu yang da reben besar lagi cantik kan.
her: ndala, telampau kilat, ni lagi cantik.
me: yala.. sebab yang itu, tangkai dia tebal.. sama karas ni.. kan
her :.. emm..
me: kan..
her: ya saja la..

huhu.. i admit im falling in love with both, and still thinking about the white bag with big red ribon on it.. i have to find the weaknesses about the 2nd bag so i wont dream about it tonight.

and ya, the dot2 pink colour also caught my eyes.

and the one with 2 big buttons on it.

and the one with white colour,

waaaaaaaaaa...... Ninie!!!

nda ba, suka juga ba yang ini hehehehe

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