Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Tree Hill

OMG! i missed few episodes ( probably ) or the new season had just started??
i was soo surprised watching it in 8tv this evening. They're no longer high school students and now Haley and Nathan owned a son, Jamie.
i mean, the story and environment different. totally.
It was sad to see that Lucas seeing someone else ; Peyton , Brooke. omg. how years changed, that they cant gather again like they used to be, playing basketball in the old-court, even Nathan locked himself.
i hope the next episodes will bring sunshine~
hurm.. i dont want my friendship become like that Huhu.. used to be a buddy but now a stranger waaa.. nightmare oo... Can u imagine how you and your buddies will be in the future??
how you share stories in the same blanket, gossip about guys and your crush?? Laugh , comments your clothes, taking pictures EVERYWHERE and cursed the person who stab your back??
and you only can HI when you meet her in 5 years after?
Tia mauuuuuuu!!!! palis.
luckily, we're still keep in touch ~ gossips, shops, vacations, reunion.
yes, i love them :)
One Tree Hill still rocks somehow :)

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