Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas in K.M # 2

okay, this is the second xmas' diary i have in Kota Marudu :)
So, if the xmas' eve, we're at aunt Nonong house, on 25th we went to mum's cousin home. Our cousin ~ everybody's cousin :P hehe it was fun!!!
we bought another goodies for the ex-change.
this time i thought iwas lucky to received a big-square box.. but hey, remember the phrase: dont judge the book by its cover???? should bear in mind tho. It wasnt the sandal i thought i got, it WAS this bikin lap kaki warna hijau siap ada tulisan WELCOME lagi.. hahaa... but its okay la, still a gift rightttttt...
my sister and me urus tukar-tukar hadiah for kids.
i almost lost my voice.
practically, we asked the kids to do a task before they finally get their gifts. hehe.. and MOST of them done this shuffle dance!! OMG. sa pun tia pandai guyang-guyang kaki macam dorang ni. hehehe cheers for them. young-talented kids made from KM hehe
we also had this pertandingan menari between us ( Ranau + KM )and them ( Labuan +KM ).. main-main punya game. Like White chicks kunun... hehehe Poco-poco pun ada juga kami menari and God's sake, i really dunno that steps. it was my FIRST TIME danced poco2 hahaha.. bida ni.
and pertandingan goreng pisang, bukan yang masak2 punya,compete with your voice.. (i guess??) but this was the funniest among all. pecah perut oh. nanti2 la sa kasi crita, hehehe mau gila sa ingat tu time :P
and we had BBQ, family re-united, Wines, laughter..
and oya, my nenek cried when she hugged my mum.. it's been times.
and we had this Miss USA on TV right after the party. Miss Texas won the crown.. yay. hehe
going to upload pictures soon.. still lambat la ni server, huhu
take care :D

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HoneyBUZZin said...

Am sure you have lots of fun..cherios girl! Rock on!