Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Birthdays in Advance :)

i know2... few days left before the actual birthdays but since i'll be away for weeks and i cannot surf net for that period, im going to wishes these special peoples early :D

and going to be the first person wishing them? XD
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happy birthday to my dear bestfriend ;

Cherye Goh

~December 8th~

im thanked for the 12 years friendship we have :)
you're the GREATEST buddy of mine, and u knew me well..
and the memories of us keep linger on :)

the reason of me to live each day with no regrets :)

~December 15th~

Mum is the BEST! i remember when i first had my heart broke, mum was there for me and say " dont worry, no matter what happen, mum always support you! " :D

and will always give a positive comments on our dresses / outfits, eventho we know we look like a 40s? hehe

i love you mum!!

happy birthday to DAMIEN RYAN RAYNER

~ December 27th~

i just cant desribes in words how much i miss you :(

happy birthday to dear bestfriend

Betharia Johnes

~December 31st~

wee... you're the youngest among us and now, you're the earliest having your own family :D 11 years of friendship, im thanked for that. we've been gone through alot! i mean, ALOT.

the kinabalu park and laban rata's memories~ who can forget that.. hehehe we ; two alone ; watch the CSI in that restaurant.......and the germany guy?? haha :P

happy birthday buddy!!



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★ Kobie Vanessa ★ said...

Happy birthday to all especially my mom!loV u MoM!!!!!!