Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Foods: 10 Days Challenge

im a food monster! lol!
i eat alot esp when im down. seriously. i always have a bunch of foods in my drawer/table cause for me, chewing sometimes can be .. fun. or sort of.

1. Petola or Luffa

i love it when my mum cook petola :))

2) Spaghetti

the best spaghetti ive ever tried is my sister's recipe.
no one has actually break the record. i still think hers is the most delly!

3. Ikan Masin

sepa tau pa tu ikan masin, angkat tangan! lol!
try to have dried ikan masin with a bowl of rice, and mix the rice with some plain water.


4. Local Bean curd.

i am sooo freaking crazy in love with bean curd.
i even dunno why. maybe it's easy to chew?

5. Mee Tuaran

Gilaaaa! lama sd tia makan mee tuaran sejak pinda p sandakan :(
for best taste, try it at Chinese restaurant, next to the bank in Tamparuli.

muahehehe! sa pun telan2 air liur suda sambil typing ni. haha

Next challenge: SIX PLACES

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