Wednesday, March 23, 2011

THREE FILM: 10 days challenge

so many in my list! & so hard to choose, yet again! lol

okay. the challenge continue.

my top 3 film :)

1. Twilight series.

i know. i know. vampires, wolfs, humans.. extra-ordinary power. Bella, Edward, Jacob. what's the big deal, ya. but seriously, the last weird romantic movie ive ever watched is Beauty and the BEAST. twilight should be my most weirdest love story so far! AND i finished read all the chapters in just 2 days! :D

2. Transformer (both chapter)

bumble bee!

3. U571

Based on true story, and still my fav even until now. first watched it wt my buddies & bros at home, one of my bff actually burst into tears when one of this soldier died :P it was an awesome story indeed.

respect to all soldiers out there! salute*

done :D


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