Saturday, March 26, 2011

SIX PLACES: 10 Days challenge

discovering & experience new place is awesome! enjoy life while you can, agree?

Six places. here we go,

1. Australia

the people are very down to earth, helpful & friendly!
i just cant stop thinking for the next visit!

2. Vietnam

shopping! esp in Ben Than Market, u just cant resist its offer!

3. Philipines

shopping again! 168 Mall & Tutuban offers millions of ladies' attire!

4. Mount Kinabalu, Ranau

so many memories :))

5. Korea

as heard, most Korean dress to kill! either they go to coffee shop, fishing or even jog, they'll make sure they groom perfectly.

6. Taipei, Taiwan

Never been there. but looking for a chance :) hopefully, in God's will.

experience is expensive. never trade it, but cherish :)

next: SEVEN wants. uhhh :P

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