Thursday, March 10, 2011

just another bad day.

whatta bad day yesterday was.
i regret for everything ive un & purposely done.
i still feel bad now, and i cant even says it in words.

im not perfect. but at least, ive tried to be one.


i have to seriously MOVE ON.
in any move on' means.
i need to ! need to improve alot indeed. sigh.

mind, give me peace, only this time :)

anyway, recap of where hv i been for the last couple of days.

went to Tg. Aru Beach wt my dearly buddy, Bbey. it's been pretty while since we last met :) i miss everything about me & her. of what we used to share.

Mum, cousin Roxanne & Aunt Mailis went to Sandakan!
:D we went to Steamboat, Ikan Bakar @ Sim2, Night hunting etc.


the office environment has been hectic this time around.
headache, is all i got.

im too tired to mention all the hurt they caused.

LIFE GOES ON, after all ya?

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