Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just Because..

I wanted to blog and share how my days goes here but i looks like, i seems to  cant find any perfect word! i am very bad in writing, organizing my letters, i am just way toooooo far being good in it and actually, i bought few novels just for an inspiration, to help me enhancing.. BUT it was a year ago, and i still cant finish reading it (kecuali tu Breaking Dawn & Eclipse) I should find some perfect time. 

BUT, you see... hendak seribu daya, Tak Hendak seribu dalih. yes, BUT, im a quite busy mum.. usually, after i reached home from office, i would play with my son first, finding some bonding quality time together. Then, i'll continue prepare dinner, do d cleaning, Laundry and all that. Some times, i would find myself a time to pamper myself, like, a simple therapy- mask, listening to Lite.FM (OF WHICH IM LISTENING NOW) mani/pedicure. I'll be on bed somewhere in midnight. So, there's No time to read my books. Oh, i did tried once, before the room's light was switched off (to switched on d dim light), i fall asleep just before i turn to the other page. Hendak Seribu Daya, Tak Hendak Seribu Dalih juga ba kan? My dearly son is sleeping next to me now, he looks so sweet when he's sleeping *hugs, hubby at the hospital looking after his dying uncle. So kesian and heartbreak. Hopefully, His uncle regain his health and May everything will be just fine. Amin. 

I am waiting for him actually, we usually will talk, share stories before bed time. He's my great listener! At times, he tried to hold his yawning (altho his sleepy eyes show) and smile to my every story telling (the childhood moments, school etc). He might not fully concentrate listening to it but at least, i know i have some one to talk to. haha i love to talk, i wish i can write perfectly just like im advising the investor to invest in ASN. haha! To end the conversation, hubby usually will say 'Tidur la kita.. kerja bsk", TAPI, kalau ada match bola, he'll say "Malam ni sampai jam 3am pun buli dgr cerita, sebab da M.U men'" .. Macam la kna dgr kalau mata suda dpn tv kan. 

Id prefer listening to, why?
it reminds me of the those sweet moments i have, the good places ive been, the beautiful things i saw, the people i knew/know, the loves i once had (and still have), you see... almost everything. 

Anyway, i cooked special dinner today, since Yana's visiting us with his husband (they're finally married! hehe) Mike was here too :) we started dinner at 8pm, It's special not because of the meals i cooked, but the great time me and them shared. well, well, well. we have: Green Curry Chicken (ayam masak kurma), Salted fish with Taucu, Vege, Sweet Corn Soup and Macaroni Fruit Salad. as for the drinks, we had Mango and Sarsi. Sadly, i didnt snap any photo to show, my Nikon has been kidnapped by my bro. 

Think i should end here. 
GONG XI NI, GONG XI NI. it's never too late to wish you guys. 
May the year brings more prosperities, happiness and Lucks to us!!

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