Saturday, February 9, 2013

She's getting married!

Finally, im at Ranau's home. d sweetest smell of all *wide arms open* my both loves are sleeping now, i need to re-pack our things cause we are heading to Kota Belud tomorrow's morning, spend a night there and go back home on Sunday. 

Yana is going to be somebody's wife in just few more hours! Oh my, i can feeeeeel her heart's beating! haha! i know, right? She's really going to get married, im just super excited! well, basically, because me and husband were the one who introduced both Yana & his husband-to-be (whom is also my encik suami's bestfriend), planned several dates for them, which sikit lagi gagal, and finally, finally, finally, they're tying the knot.

how wonderful! here's d moments during her engagement's day :) (daling sory, i curi gambar.. hehe) 

*pictures are copyright to Yana. 

:) See you later!

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