Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sanding Day - Bajau Tradition

I still cant believed she's married already! seriously, it felt like yesterday when we match-maker both of this newly-wed couple. a blushing moment! =D Last Saturday was her ring exchanged, and Sanding on last Sunday. It was my first time attending Bajau's wedding. Basically, the groom was brought by that thing called 'Usungan' from Yana's grandma's house to hers. Besides his relatives, he was also escorted with two horse (as u can see the pic below, even with its own costume!) and a couple of trigger was pulled, shot up to the sky. 

i am amazed that at this century, they still have this tradition :) i talked to Yana's mum how i was amazed by the tradition, and she's replied me with this proud smile saying 'indeed'. the weather was merely killing my skin, luckily i brought my fan along. well, let's roll these pictures!

Macam raja melayu pun ada juga hehe


The modern wedding dress, she looks absolutely fabulous.

well, they have d same smile of u notice :)

trying hard dealing with the hot weather! ahaha and thats my boy with his uncle (hubby's bro). 


Wish you both live happily ever after! :D

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