Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miss my girls!

Just done cleaning d dishes, again. haha it's so late, i know. my mum in law text us at 10pm to bring to dinner. i cant stop eating!! i neeeed to diet. a strict diet, cause im getting really fat. huhu, so we also went to the Hospital to visit hubby's uncle. it's truly a heartbreaking seeing him lying  hopelessly on that bed. May he'll be strong to face the pain. 

Reached home almost 1am and started doing the house chores. i only find a perfect time at time like now. people cant really tell d difference between mine and Panda's Eyes ni. Ive been tagged by my luvvy duvvy beth. I miss that moment. I really miss them. miss my girls. I should arrange one find day for another reunion. 

Being a mum is great. Trust me, you'll only know how i feel if you become one. 
yes, sometimes it gets too tired handling all the things a mum supposed to do, but Thank God, hubby is a handy helpful man. He helps me with the laundry or cleaning whenever im in need. *hugs BUT since sekarang dekat PRU, and he is extremely busy, super duper busy man, so he only helps me with the meal. Lunch, Tapau. Dinner pun tapau. hahaha

 well, Good night.
Cheers! xx

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