Tuesday, August 23, 2011

December's Gateway.

i like this pic! it's one of my bro's gf's pic at Bandung, Indonesia.
they shopped alot!!!!! my gosh, how awesome is that. i always loves shopping.

i dont know what Shenzhen would offer, my cousin was in China for 1 month and had just came back yesterday, he basically told me everything, from A to Z, Shenzhen is a nice place, just that it's Pin Yin all over the building and board. (and i cant read Pin yin) The Taxi charge higher for every tourist, the local cant speak english! he even said 'Mesti mau at least ada RM5k la, sebab p Hong Kong lagi kan'
it just get my nerves. will we survived if we have no tourist guide at all?

we survived in Perth, we just walked depending on the map. we got to see the Kangaroo and it was miles away from our hotel.

but they speaks English. and obviously, all the information board is in English.

i dont know what to expect. haha

i text my bf about all the thought and he simply replied,
'ba, p bandung la'

but i cant make up my mind.
the only option i have are
Shenzhen (ive been longing to visit China, esp Disneyland, Hong Kong) - But it might cost a little ... high .. :( i need to cut down some expenses then.

Bandung (I can shop. That's what matter the most :P and i can buy lots of souvenirs )

Bali (Ohhh gosh, i really wanna go there, but there's no direct flight from kk, and it sucks)
Krabi Island/Phuket, Thailand - either both .

I wanna bring my mum along, and she loves to visit China. she's been to Bandung, Thailand and such. so, China is a perfect choice for her.

3 months to decide. Hish!

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