Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Snuffy Tuffy Luffy Buffy.

Ohh gosh, i wanna share what they did to me yesterday. but i only find the perfect time now. I malas mau kerja, malas mau fening-fening, so blogging should be the best idea to do now. hehehe, everyone is in the mood of Raya. while, Im in the mood of going home, and sleep. i wish i could go back to my parents tomorrow, but urgh ... life is all about making a choice.

Im going to make sure that i am home next week! 3 days off! how awesome! but i hate to be on bus for more than 3 hours T.T so, that's equal to sucks anyhow.

Anyhoooooo, yesterday Cik Man got me alive. i mean, he got me when i was out of the office for lunch. he decorated my table with all those Kuih Muih (yang i order) and there were a dozen of Packet Raya on it. Oh, he even decorated my ceiling with Ketupat Gantung-gantung. and my Baju Kurung pun terhias di atas meja.. He was pretending like he dont know anything but i knew!! He burst into laughter when i yelled his name (Cikkkkkkkk Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!) like, so so so loud!!

and he goes 'Jane, tinggal lampu kelip-kelip lagi mau ampai d meja ko, jadi suda ruma terbuka)
Siap bersalam-salaman lagi dorang!

i didnt had the chance to snap it and shared, cause i was literally mad (at the same time, laughed just too loud!) and clean the kuih muih/packet Raya right away.


A wrap for this afternoon.

Later xx

p/s: dont mind the title, it just came to my head randomly.

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