Sunday, August 28, 2011

Popia Simpul

ive been making this Popia Simpul since 9pm, soon after i got back from the Fun-Fair (not liking it, all those games looks pretty dull & wretch) .. i promised myself to stay up until everything is done and has nicely packed inside the container, BUT im giving up .. for now. i am so freaking sleepy, all i have in mind is my dearly bed, gonop and z z z .. being so alone in this living room is NOT FUN! Chrissie has already went to bed and Yana is away for like, a week (it's HARI RAYA people! :D) so, im thinking to continue doing these tomorrow! i have to re-schedule my activities tomorrow!

laundry, cleaning, manicure, pedicure, closet and such!
ohh gosh, Saturday went off in a blink of an eye!

i can clearly hear the Frog's singing. but it's not raining, or going to be. weird!

Goood morning guys.


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