Monday, August 1, 2011

Stupid Management.

started the day with .. quite unlucky.

1) some unexpected things happened. T_T
2) we have to spend for more than 2 hours to settle the Parking thing this evening. we told them so many freaking times, THAT IS OUR PARKING, DUDE??!! CANT U SEE THE SIGN??!

3) The management has totally crossed the line today! ko tau banyak kereta, kasi sediala banyak parking! empty space pun tiba-tiba jadi NO PARKING AREA. Siap kasi pancit dua-dua tayar kereta housemate saya lagi!

jadi, parking mana? atas bumbung?
kasi pancit tayar kereta kau la, tingu pa kau rasa! oren?
kalau ko tolong pam balik tu tayar, tia pala! ini?

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