Monday, August 22, 2011

There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.

since i have nothing to do at d moment, well in fact, i do have but since everyone in d office is in the mood of Raya, ingat cutii sejaaa.. so, basically i also join the club. club orang temporarily malas. hehe then, my mind goes like,

'hey, why not blogging?'
'yeah, it's been awhile'
'then, you should'
'naah, no idea'

and my dearly friend, Yana passed me by. smiling like she always does and ..
'how about post something about Yana'

she's a close friend of mine, literally we are colleagues, rent the same house and goes to work in d same car every morning (well, she drives). we first met last year and instantly become bff. she's so lovely as she is, she cooks better than i am (very good, indeed!) and she cleans the house most of the time :P but trust me, you dont wanna see her when she's moody. frankly, i get a little scared SOME TIMES (my bestfriend is a gangster what? ) and we laugh alot and we always have the time to talk about everything. you know, just anything. random thing. random places.

me : c *** servay lane? masi d site? (*referring to his boyfriend)
she : ya. kesian ni.
me : wah, panas-panas begini. puasa lagi. site mana dia?
she : side mirror.
me : T_T

me : moi, ko nampak en. taib ka?
she : cuba ko cari d laci, sana kali tu dia btapuk
me : bukan d dalam printer?
she : oh, mungkin la. atau tidak, di kabinet kali.
me : ba, baikla!

she : moi!!!!! sini ko cepat!!
me : apa??
she : menari poco2 kita!! ikut ni lagu d radio!
and we end up dancing around! (wt all the colleagues' eyes on us)

haha, yes, true friend is really hard to find esp when you're surrounds wt fake peoples :)

a wrap for today.
yay! let's see what will comes across in my head tomorrow.

later ~~

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