Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easy Breezy =D

let's start this post wt a wideee smile! =D 
my big boss from KL visited us yesterday, he's in the happy mood, much happier actually than he was before. he said

'waa, sume muke cerie pagi ni.. ni mesti dah cek account'

haha! oh, boss! i love you. i love PNB. 

i received higher than last year, sooo...
i have several plans in mind of how im going to spend my bonus. 

1) settle my credit cards
* but i know i love them too much and i sincerely dont have the heart to cut them off even tho i can. i'll have the tendency to swipe them again, i know. so, im not going to settle them =P

2) charity
* just like last year, we have collected some amount to give to the old folks home here, and this time, we're donating to Gaza also. 

3) buying a new gadget
* but since its value is going to depreciate sooner, more and new model anytime will be gives me nothing in return but yes, maybe a temporary satisfaction, so i have to cancel buying it. im going to buy something which can gives a good return instead, like gold. 

4) saving
well, of course. 

5) a thanksgiving party
* of which going to be held this coming Saturday. 

6) Rayyan's stuff
*any thing for you, baby. 

and more furnitures for my house! hehe i have bought some kitchen furniture, a coffee table, a new shoes rack, bla bla.. oh, i need to buy Rayyan's new rack too. his clothes are getting more and more, and there's no more space left. hehe

okay. let's roll our next post. 

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