Sunday, December 16, 2012

Knock Knock

i change my layout finally, it's running few more days before we bid the year to another year! A little freshen up, i think i havent blog for quite awhile, I am busy working, being a mum and a wife. sometimes, i wish i'll have extra cash to have a maid and do all the cleaning stuff! ahaha but Thank God, i have my dear husby helping me with all these stuff. *hug

Christmas is just around the corner! im loving all the trees' decoration, ive been dreaming of experience Christmas over seas. with all the snow, you know. still keep the dream now actually. One fine day ninie, one fine day... Sadly, we had to cancel our UK's tickets last minute due to the emergency case, which was a bit frustrating indeed but i believe, there'll be a perfect time soon.   hopefully, kna jackpot ka. haha! 

let's finger crossed. 

anyways, im going back to Sandakan tomorrow, but we're going to buy Durian for my MIL and colleagues. i  hope i can stand the smell along the way. hoho hey, if u a fan of Durian, do come to Pesta Durian in Ranau next week, 22th December. trust me, you wont regret it. 

off to bed now, til we meet again. 

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