Saturday, December 15, 2012

go tigers!

went for a short vacay wt my encik suami, rayyan dear and family in law last week. of course, shopping was really fun, i bought lots of kain for baju kurung (since im getting way fatter than before, so i desperately need new kurung), went out dating wt my husby, like the old days.. even tho the heavy traffic kills him, hehe and still, he's driving smartly... but the thing i like most about this vacay, was.. my encik suami bought me a HM Jersey and a ticket to watch them lively at Stadium Bukit Jalil. i am not really a fan of HM actually, not until i watched them against Indonesia last year..that's when the fond grew.

There were thousands of people wearing yellow and funny hairs. it was my  first time so i was really excited of what to expect, as we already knew, Malaysia won 2 over Indonesia. :)

here's us at the front seat!
*photo courtesy from page of Harimau Malaya

Sadly, they lose to Thailand last Thursday. as much as i feel disappointed to the team, i feel more disappoint of how the referee worked. He's a bias man! Boooo!

Still, go tigers! (in every thing they going to do lah!) hehe


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