Monday, December 31, 2012

well, ALOHA 2013!

 It's exactly 28 minutes before we bid goodbye to the awesome 2012! this year, i am just watching TV, eating mee soup, playing with my sunny son, chit chating with my husband, mum and dad.. no BBQ, no Fireworks, no Wain, no crazy bullshit talk, me and my two dearest loves are just watching TV waiting til the clock strikes 12! 

but i already sing them a New Year song since hours ago! 
Nothing really excites me actually, as long as i am with them, it's enough. complete enough. 

well, HAPPY NEWWWWW YEAR guys!!! wishing you a fabulous days ahead!

mummy rayyan
p/s: belum pun jam 12, mercun sana sini suda. ni kali lah!

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