Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tired Sunday

It's the last Sunday of the yearrr!! omg, how fast the time goes. there's sooooo many things happened in 2012! but, let's save the story for tomorrow. i still cant believed it's going to be another NEW year for us. 

ahaha! well, cheers to the days we have gone through so far. 

anyway, it's a super tiring day for us. for me, husby and my dearly sunny son. we went back to Sandakan flying with the earliest flight (7am) to attend my husband's aunt's wedding. (his mum's youngest sister) and flying back to kk yesterday (10pm). buddy Yana fetch us at the airport and went straightly to Upperstar untuk acara lepaking besar besaran. hehehe then, we called it a day exactly at 2am. luckily, my sunny son was sleeping the entire lepaking session. *hugs

we're going to shop later.
update again. 


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