Friday, February 13, 2009

Accidentally Engaged

i begin wif a big smile :P
hey, did u guys go to 1B recently??
there's this new book store
wif loads of books.
what's that suppose to mean?
anyway, it's HARRIS bookstore, owned by Popular Book store
and u can can read there :)
but, need to compete wif the kids la : the comic's fans.
as i browsed through the novels, i found this
accidently engaged
And it cost RM19.90 ONLY.
very cheap one kan.
compare to the rest which aboves RM30/=
the summary : taken from here
Clare Ivars is finishing up her day at a psychic fair when she gets blackmailed into giving a phony reading to a prospective bride, warning her off. It works a little too well, and the bride runs out, leaving her engagement ring behind. Clare decides she has to return the ring and fix things between Rachel and her intended, Jack. Falling hard and fast for Jack herself wasn't part of the plan--nor was being mistaken for Jack's fiancee by his aged grandmother. With misunderstandings all around, Clare is thinking of packing in her Tarot cards for good...but not before making a play for her very own Jack of Hearts...
my rating?
i havent read yet :P
my sister used to warn me everytime this day come, but i guess she's forgot this time
kinda spooooooky u know
hehe it's just a day ba kan.
as me and my collegue chat about that, my boss called me to her office
for something, i guess
but it was one thing ive never expect she will asked me :
" Ninie, you wearing perfume ? "
and i was " ya.. emm.. "
it's about perfume. -_-
she : " What perfume is it? "
me : " My morgan "
she : " okay.."
me : " why?"
she : " nothing, im just asking"
and im sooo.. blur, maybe i spray tooo much and she didnt like it
she likes it :P
it was a gift from my hubby's mom, last year

well, will going to visit your blog soon :)
take care


HoneyBUZZin said...

huhu..I had a bad day....but not bcos friday the 13th...but just not my day.Hopefully tomm. will be better. Let me know how's the story line...rgds

Mama Mia said...

O the bookstore open suda? Lama inda pigi jln2 d 1B bah...

Aisey, baru sia perasan bah pulak ni hari Friday 13th.

I agree wt you, it is just another day. :)

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

honeybuzz.. okay, nanti if i finish read suda, nanti sa kasitau mcmana itu book..

mama mia, teda juga jadi apa2 ni friday 13th. palis.. siok lagi sa p jalan2 makan tu masa haha