Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love means sacrifice

LOVE expects nothing :
There was a blind guy who used to hate everyone except his girlfriend.
He always used to say that
" I'll marry you if i could see!!!!"
Suddenly one day, someone donated eyes to him : so he can see.
And then when he saw his girlfriend he was completely astonished cause she was also blind!
his girlfriend then asked
" Will you marry now? "
The guy simply refused.
His girlfriend smiled and went away saying
" Okay.. just take care of my eyes...... "
L o v e means sacrifice
and is always blind.


sHeiLa said... touching!

Mama Mia said...

Touching story. So nice of the girl to donate her eyes to guy, only to have him refused to marry her pulak.

Just said...

Halluu... touching story u have there.. Love just ain't enough huh?!

Adora said...

Minta bobog baitu lelaki itu...Eee kasian tu perempuan. Sometimes man can't see what we woman done for them...Thx for sharing this wonderful short story.