Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wondering (:

Have you ever feel like you really-desperately need to talk wif someone but you cant?
the words remain inside, left unsaid,
and theres no possible way you can talk to dat person again?

you pretend that it's okay not to tell
and believe some words are better left unsaid?
but no matter how hard you pretend, you cant deny what your heart actually trying to feel and say.. it ache for million times but you ended up saying .. 'it's okay?'

.. and one night, you dreamt about dat person
You tell dat person EVERYTHING what you've been hiding for all this times,
and the dream.... seems REAL.
the touch, the words, the feeling, seems so-REAL

u wake up dat morning, wondering..
feel weird but somehow, you wish that person will have the same dream.
and the burden has slightly gone.
cause you, after-all, has been trying to forget the words, like for-ever?

do you? believe things like this will happen?

one religious man once said
" if we sleep, our spirit [roh] will go for a walk, and it goes to where it wanna go and a moment before you wake up, it will come back to our body, like usual.. "

just wondering at this sunday morning ^^


sHeiLa said...

ah yes..i heard the same thing about our soul 'went for a walk' during our sleep.

i actually wonder how and when it happened. so, if we dreamt of meeting someone, did our soul really met the other soul?

i also wondering..hurmm...

HoneyBUZZin said...

Yea..agree with you. at times I just can't find words to express my left unsaid most of the time.
About our soul went for a walk..I'm not so sure tho'....keep the faith..

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

i heard that too.. my mum once told me. and i gez semua orang pun experience benda yg sama.. hehe..