Saturday, February 21, 2009

i think i broke my leg :'(

because of Futsal!
phew, im glad that my leg didnt actually broke,
but i can feel the pain,
probably because im not warming myself before i hit the ground.
yesterday, my officemates brought me to play with them at this KK Futsal, Pelabuhan and .. I didnt know the existance of the place.. -_-, i thought we'll play in Suria.
there's a futsal match the moment we arrived,
LOTSA people watching the games.
and the smell??
we played like 45 minutes,
but i surrender 10 minutes before the time finished.
i need my dear-revive badly that moment.
It's been awhile i havent play until this.
so, imagine the sweat?
who wouldnt guess!
and they decided to have some Coffee at Jesselton Point later on,
but i went straight home.
now im the office, and we have a deal to do the match again on next Thursday at 6pm!
. . .
i'll upload the pictures soon!!
im looking for my cable and im seriously dunno where it is.
so, HAPPY SATURDAY everyone!!!!

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