Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back 2 Back Movies~

Back to work..
haish.. so lazy to work o. I have so many works to be done as i was away last week. tapi sempat blogging hehe.. No, i dont want 2 get killed by this stress, okay. :P
anyway, my cuti-cuti malaysia was fabulous!
ive gotta met my ex-classmates and hanging out together. awesome i can say.
Laughing all the way, EVEN inside the monorail.
who cares about the eyes that staring at us.
anyway # 2,
me and my friends went to Berjaya Times Square for a movie.
wait, correction, for Movies.
we watched two movies, in row.
1st Movie,
was Angels and Demons.
I thought hantu-hantu or aliens or any scary objects will appeared in this movie,
but none.
i was waiting for more than half an hour until i asked my friend ;
Me : San, mana demons dia ni.
Susan : Huh?
Me : yang hantu2 ba.
Susan : Nda, maksud tu demons ialah orang jahat. Yang angels tu orang baik. Bukan hantu-hantu ni.
Me : . . . . . . [ bingung ni ]

it was okay la.
How all the codes to be solved.
at least, i'll have the picture of how the Rome really looks alike.
all the angels monumen.
un-quite satisfied with the first one,
we queqed again for the second movie.
Night at the Mesuem Meseum 2
I love it

highly recommended :):) well, that's it. im glad to meet my friends. I have a great time, spending a week with them. hehe.. well,




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♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

thinking of watching nite at the museum 2.. hehe.. ramai urg bilang best nih.. ;) happy tuesday to you!