Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graduation, Friends Forever!

my hp finally fixed! the ah chai took 2 weeks to fix it, but not going to complaint cause, my hp finally can be used AND that's what matter the most ^^
my ex-course mate made us this ;

she put my name near my sweet friends Beat, Gleat, BB and Roses. It touched me and i had actually forgotten the bad words she said about us haha u know, u living in a place where some people said u have a nice hair while u look terrible with the hair, compliment for your braveness but talked about ur stupidity at your back. But well, God, who cares. Cause i still miss the moment we all shared together. and id like to do them again.
That the song we sang in tears.
Tho the rythm was so sumbang, but we felt the emotion. At least, we shared the same feeling that day haha gosh, i miss everyone.
for my coursemates, Let's have a blast moment on May Next Year, i said i will do it and now u see, im working on it hehe
til then, TATA!

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C.Alv.B said...

Treasure them always.. friendship never lie..