Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transfomer : Revenge of the Fallen

it was awesome!
i was quite sad at first to know that the two halls were fully reserved at 8.00pm, but luckily, they open the third hall specialize for the desperate transformer's fan, like me. hahaha so, we sat 10th row from the screen, with my sister in the couple seat. hehe whatever. as long as we have seats. I Love it! Optimus Prime, BumbleBee.. You see, the Megatron didnt die, so the 3rd episode should be shown in public soonest! yes! i cant wait!
It's a movie worth for remembering, like, for the rest of my life :P
well, ive received a surprised call from Manila just now, unexpected one and honestly, i cant understand the words he saying. haha it's like, i nodded my head confidently to the person who cannot see the nodding. Very clever one! hehe
well guys, better go and watch the Transformer! Highly recommended from me :P

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