Friday, June 5, 2009

The Flu and Concentrate Relationship.

i dont know how many times i have been sneezing for the past 4 hours.
blame it on my nose and the running liquid.... Ewww!!!!
True, i have this FLU.
i was at home the whole night yesterday, how can i get this infection?

..Probably from Paris and Nicole, my sister's children ---- the turtles. they're there with me.

anyway, now i realize that i cant actually concentrate in doing my works with this temporary disease..I frequently go to the washroom and im ran out of my tissue already, Nasib baik ada tissue tandas. Free tu. hehe back to the concentration topic, i cant pay enough attention, i wrongly write the figures in the cheques, i almost die cause i thought i had lost my company's money and i gave my mate chicken instead of fish.

my boss seemingly pretending to be [Hey-I-Dont-care-About-you]'s attitude, cause she keeps asking me to do a minor stuff [ im suffering from my uncomfortable situation! ] while i have other things to do, In fact our office Boy can actually do the stuff. Yes, i can be so moody when im sick. haha who doesnt?

plus, my mate looked at me for like 2 second and while covered his mouth, he said,

" Waa ninie, H1N1 ka??? "

i was like.." Bagussssss..."
how come you joked about H1N1? some people died because of it. right? but anyway, i think i should go next to him and spread the virus cause i believe in "sharing is caring" term :P

i hope i'll recover real soon cause i cant stand the itchy. U know, like, when your nose feel so itchy, you started to sneeze, your eyes turn to red and the liquid is on the way to your mouth... Ewww!!!! haha i have my dear tissue ba!! hehe take care everyone. Stay away from Internet, cause u'll get stuck with it for hours and forget to do your work.. just like me. cherio!!


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