Sunday, June 7, 2009

the small village and the happiness they live with.

I watch a Korea's channel just now, i forgot the title but the show is about a small village, where it'll be demolished by the end of this year.. Poor them! They have live there for many years already and yes, you can see the happiness from the faces. A candid camera caught a happiness moment of one family who happen to pass the road.. The old lady and man were holding hands together, and the son walked with them at the sides, laughing and talking.

Surprised been greeted by the reporter, the lovely adults said they're on their way back home from the local restaurant after celebrate a parents' day. The son gave them a letter as a gift! *sweet*

Another young couple who own a home in that village were asked by the reporter - " What is your dream for this village ", they looked at each other and just smiling without saying anything. The answer hides in their silent smiles. Whatever the answer may be, Im sure it's must be a good one. Did you know that they also plant the vegetables on the roof? and shared the Veges with the neighbours. How simple life is.

and all the people they interviewed look so happy! Even knowing the fact that they supposedly should already find a new place to move on. I wonder if their local authorities will change their mind to NOT demolish the homes. It's a village where people live with hope. A happiness where cannot be bought by money. A memory that lasts forever. I wish they can see the hopes shining in their eyes.

If lots of small village like this were changed to a city where we obviously know with many high buildings or - u name it- , what will happen to the villagers? and the tradition they have live with? the future?

God bless these people.

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