Monday, June 15, 2009

Life without friendship, is like, the sky without the sun.

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If you have your friends, you know you're not walking alone. You know you can always have a shoulder to lean on. AND will be there through the bad and good. that's why i love my girlfriends like a watermelon. Juicy and Yummy :P

One cold night, i was lying on my bed, with the magz i supposedly read, felt hopeless, It's seems like this world had stop moving. Oh well, things like that. I dunno what got on me, cause i looked bad that time. Negative, it was. I looked through the window, just a naked building and some trees covered its side, i took my HP, text my friend.

" I m Tired of Living "

Never thought i would said that words. Im a girl who loves to enjoy a moment in life, the one who believes things happen for a reason. God, what's wrong with me? Many people lived their life with unfortunate condition, No Home, No Food, No Loves. Sleeping with a bullet, watching a live war movie.. this is what life means to them. How could i said im tired of living mine?

20 second of letting my mind went away, my HP rang. it was a friend i texted the stupid words moment ago,

" Ninie!! What happen? Dont say like that!! U know, you're the reason for me to be strong, everyday. Ninie!! "


yes, how stupid i was. I never get tired of live my life, it offers so many things for me, I only have to choose. To be Happy or Not to be. The truth is, I have a wonderful life. Cause i have the best person on earth to be my other half, the love-est family im born with, the greatest friends im gifted from above.



Just that, we're all get to feel lonely sometimes.

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C.Alv.B said...

That what we called life.. a lot of unexplained emotions and act... be strong