Saturday, September 26, 2009

Should do this again sometimes.

Hello guys, Selamat Hari raya! im back from raya. You know what im thinking at this moment? i personally think that The government should gives Malaysia more holiday rather than just two days! I had to starts working on the 3rd day of raya and it's so not kwel! No, im not celerating raya but im talking on behalf. hehehe

Anyways, i was out for two days in row since thursday. It was absolutely fun!

Thursday's evening - Jane, Willie, Me, my Dd, Leenda, her Bf and Les went to Upperstar for some refreshment. hehe It's cool, i didnt get to see them most of the days, so it's totally awesome to have some times together. In fact, it's been like.. 2-3 months i havent meet them. Oh, willie! i havent meet him since last year! and it's so great to have him with us =) and we went home nearly 1am.

and i spotted this on the side, i knew it's been there for quite awhile, i even loves how they decorated the walls with few guitars.

ain't this unique?

well on Friday's evening, i planned to meet my friend, Grace since she'll be off to Kuching this sunday for her Bachelor. I promised her a day out so i called Bbey, Beat, Leenda, Ivy, Siah, Jane, Am, Andy to join us but only 6 people can make it. Still fun anyhow =) We first moved to Karaoke Box and then a G-Force Movie and Upperstar. again. hehe Upperstar is a great place for hanging out. We talked about the good old memories and have some laugh of it, i cant believe it's going to be 1 year since the last day i was in the campus. Time flies sooooooooo fast! Im glad it did, but sometimes i wish.. you know, like, there's a moment/point in your life that you wish the clock will just stop. right?

we went home sharply at 12 midnight.

oh, for your information, i gain another 2 Kg! that makes a total of 49 Kg! no, it's not normal but i hate diet! Im fat, and im okay with that... cheh! kunun la hehe

that's it for now, have a great day everyone =)


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