Tuesday, September 1, 2009

31.08.09 Baby

i was truly SHOCKED to death last night! seriously!

Nasib teda sakit jantung. But im happy instead. It was weird to know your bestfriend giving a birth to a baby boy/girl without knowing she's pregnant! BESTFRIEND should know better. Im pretty sure she dont have any clue about the delivery also! or else, she would let us know. But i dunno.. The mother of two children, oh, now three children is hospitalized now. I tried to call her and the husband millions times, but failed.

Im so worried. I hope the baby and mother are fine.
Let's end this one with;

Life Is Good!


Connie said...

yea life is good...have a nice day ahead Ninie...hee

kyrea said...

wah, sepa gave birth nie? sy knl? hehe