Friday, September 11, 2009

Reservation by God

I told you about the interview ya. I am still actually worried about it, I had a little thought of myself, practically cause I was acting more like It's okay attitude or maybe for some people, i seems to not take it seriously. As if the chance will comes everyday with a single finger's click. I do indeed but i guess it doesnt shows enough how eager i am? But well, the mind stops working when i read Connie's comment towards it.

well dont regret k...if it has been reserved for u (by God) then it sure be urs....

God..Sure He is, Sometimes i tend to forget God's existence in every-day-life. I missed to say thanks or a little prayer in the morning. Neglection is not what i was born as, but i choose it. It is not what i am destined for, but i did it somehow. It's a pretty shameful for me. He reserves places for me, In any homes i will be. I know, i wont be stranded alone.. and still, i repay Him nothing.


Anonymous said... glad..

and im glad too..that we are here...

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Thanks connie, i really love your comments!!! :D