Saturday, September 5, 2009

The man and His wife.

Happy Saturday =) times fly so fast, right? It's nearly end of the year already. Anyway, i want to share with you guys about this annoying story! Where do i starts?.. haha Okay.. Let me introduce you to the persons involved first, ya.

Sabri: Driver cum officeboy
Nina : Driver's wife.
*Samantha : Driver's officemate
*David : Samantha & My Officemate.
Me : The Driver's and & Samantha's Officemate.
Location : Wisma Merdeka, 9th Floor.

Okay, so.. how do i begin.. Well, we all aware of what driver's responsibilities right? Sabri done a great job actually, he will do the job right away once we asked him to. but the problem is, his wife, Nina cant sits calmly watching his husband doing his work! so, instead of staying at home, taking care of their children, she will wandering around EVERYDAY here in Wisma Merdeka. She call her husband every 5 minutes ( seriously! ), asking where he was AND when Sabri apart from her opr didnt answer her phone, for like, 10 minutes, she accused him for having an affair! Trust me, we can cleary hear Nina's voice through Sabri's phone even though he's 90 metres away from us.

well, Samantha used to go back home with our boss, drive by Sabri since the distance between Samantha's and our boss' house not too far.

So, One day, Nina came to the office and starts asking lots of questions to Samantha. I knew Samantha pretty well even though we've known each other only for 8 months. I am really sure she have no other relationship with Sabri but Colleague. well, Nina starts to SMS Samantha everyday, even at 3 am in the morning.. just to threaten her. No matter how Samantha tried denying the accusation, Nina wont believe.

Then, Nina started to SMS and calling our boss too!! she asked my boss " kenapa suruh2 laki aku buat kerja! " .. Nonsense right?

This situation lasted for 5 months, when it became worst last Thursday. The Boss was sick, so she was resting at home. Since she's not around, there's few urgent documents need to be signed by her. well, the boss asked Sabri to send Samantha with the documents to the boss' house. Without warning, Sabri's wife suddenly appeared right in front of the company's bus and started yelling to Samantha like a crazy people, the public gathered and looked at them. I think it's embarassing, esp when they're in the public. Nina, the sot woman, open the door and pointing her finger to Samantha - something like " awas ko! ".. My officemate, David went down to see them after Samantha sms him, and the woman ran away.

Minutes later, she called David, with so anger voice, yelling at him : sayin David purposedly ask Sabri to send Samantha so they can be together. wtf. I was mad myself too.. as i told you, the woman's voice can be heared so clearly from the distance! so, i called the woman back.

Me : hey, perempuan!

Her : Hei, ko sepa oo

Me : Oi, perempuan.. Ko ikut suka hati ko seja la kan mau marah2 orang.. ko ingat ko saturang ja
pandai mara ka, hei.. ko ingat c Sabri tu t'lampau hensem ka sampai ko tuduh2 orang begitu.

Her : aii.. kurang ajar, ko sepa. suka hati aku la. memang la sabri tu tia hensem, penagih lagi.. aku istri dia. suka hati aku la.

Me : Oi, ko jangan macam2 sana.. ko tuduh2 org seja karaja ko kan. woi, sa kasitau ko a. jangan ko pandai2 pigi marah2 c *samantha.. pigi sms dia awal pagi, ko ingat org tia mau tidur ka mcm ko. klu ko mau masi ada nasi setiap bulan, ko kasi biar seja sabri buat kerja.

Her : eeeii.. kurang ajar, siapa ni? ko ingat aku takut ko?

Me: hei perempuan, klu ko sibuk2 lagi pigi kacau kawan sa, sa cari ko. Settle d balai polis la klu berani, sa tanya ko, ko da IC ka?

Her : *diam*.. hei... aku da IC ba.

Me: Ya, crita d balai la.

and the rest? she just cant stop talking. 1 sa cakap, 10 dia cakap, funny thing, it cannot be understand. bukan mau busybody but she's my friend, she cried in front of me, so i should do something kan.. we already report to the police station, and see how it'll going la, hehe yes, it is normal for a wife to be jelous with her husband, i do have the same feeling. BUT kalau yang t'over sampai memalukan, it is not normal kan.. kesian my friend.

hehe.. will update again. thanks for reading. see you


Connie said...

Sabri didnt try to do anything ka?
Ur bos?
aisyyy....that woman arr...ngam ka i call STUPID ???

u shud bcareful too Ninie...

ღ NinieJane ღ said...

Connie.. Sabri skrg suda kena fired ni. dia pun mara bini dia juga tapi bini dia mcm teda utak ni, tia makan ckp org. kin panas btul, dia sms lagi kawan sa tadi.. heii, buduh btul ni.

kalah2 stupid suda tu woman tu hahaha

Connie said...

nah tu la..camna jg xmo fired kalau camtu...nah skrg bru dia rasa kalau xda keja xda duit...
pilss kan tatap pilss juga...

pa lg dia mau sms kwn ko...laki dia terang² d rumah sma dia suda...iskk...sedih tul ppuan camni (palis²).....ehehehe

nc said...

o my gosh..this thing happened?
bulih juga o kn,, i agree with u. its ok to be jealous..but to this extent?? doesnt make sense at all

..thanks for the sharing by the way :)

Mama Mia said...

OMG..i thots we can only see this kind of situation in the movies..rupa2nya ada juga kisah benar.

That woman has a serious problem with jealousy..cemburu buta.