Thursday, September 17, 2009

Engagement & Weddings

i joined my Dd and his family to Kota Belud and Kota Marudu yesterday. Phew! long journey but It was awesome to witness Raymes and Agnes engaged! Congratulations!! Will share the pictures sooner :)
anyway, me and my sister managed to catch the time to see Floyd & Amy's wedding situated at Malanggang Tamparuli, i hope i spell it right! last saturday..
They're so lovely!
George Lian entertained the guest with his latest song " Aiso Nogi " [ No more / Tiada Lagi ], and i fell in love with that song, it reminds me of my dad! Not the lyric, but George Lian himself, my dad into Dusun's song so much! and he loves singing it too. He have a great voice indeed :P hehe mesti mau puji bapa sendiri! hahaha
Congratulations to both of you!!
ooh, You can see part of the story in Daily Express dated 09.09.09, the second page if im not mistaken hehe Im proud of them!

here is the pictures of the flowers me and buddy Ujie decorated that i mentioned in the previous post.
It was my second try and i did it! altho they were evilly laughing at the first trial but i forgive them :P hahaha and Moi's Fiance cooked for us a delicious dinner! Licin ba piring!! hehe

Few more days before the wedding.. Time is ticking, yes. oh, im thinking of delivering a speech on that evening.. should be a surprised so she will burst into tears. haha jahat o.

well. guys.. Happy Holiday, selamat Hari Raya ^^

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