Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nervous? Inda juga.

09.09.09 - more than 100 couples in China get married on this day. i say, wow! if you watched the TV3 news, u can see they made a large red banner with chinese words on it and some even lined up to register. They dress casually. Mcm yang main-main kawin seja ni hehe Two of my colleagues pun MC since they have two separate wedding's receptions. siok kan.

Anyway, i went for an interview yesterday!!! honestly? I was BLANK! macam nda pernah datang interview ni. Even itu penolong pengarah noticed how blank i was, which is Embarrassing! He asked me:

" Kenapa ko ni? ko nervous ka? "

i goes, " emm iyaaa.........hehehe "

but i think the funniest among all of the questions, was when he asked me:

"Katakanlah ada menteri datang d tempat kau satu hari, apa persiapan yang patut kau buat? "

i goes, " cari maklumat, bla bla bla bla bla" [ waa.. panjang! ]

He then said, " Okay, dan yang paling penting antara semua apa? "

Confidently i answered " Makan - Makan! "

wth. makan-makan? the interviewers laughed as you can expected. And they continued asking this,

Them : " Berapa Jumlah Parlimen di Sabah? "

Me: " Okay.. Parlimen?.. setahu sa, setiap daerah ada parlimen.. Ranau satu, Kota Belud satu.."

Them: " bagi sa jumlah ya, bukan dimana "

Me: " em.. "

Them: " Tia tau? "

Me: " bukan tia tau.. tapi tiada exact number "

Them: " ??.. tia tau la tu.."

Them: " semua ada 25 parlimen.."

Me: " oo.. 25 ka semua? "

Them: .............................

ok, baiklah. i understand haha.. uhh when i refreshed back the session, im ashamed. I should have answered better. I did take it seriously but i guess it wasnt good enough? Still have times and hoping i will get a good news from them. Or a second Interview?

huhu arap2 semua okay. well, that's it. will blogging again later. chow

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Anonymous said...

MC to attend wedding???hehehe....

....u answer mkn² coz for u its important kan?? ahahaha...well its important bah..wakakakaka but not during interview la Ninie..ahaha but funny least u go for the interview...well dont regret k...if it has been reserved for u (by God) then it sure be urs....

have a good day Ninie.....