Thursday, October 28, 2010

burning my head.

ok. i try my hard to close my eyes and just go to bed.. dreaming away. i have a long journey with tomorrow, but ... i still cant shut my eyes. the thoughts of walking on the beach, singing in a square box mini karaoke thing, talking and laughing are on my mind. should i really erased all these things? it's too beautiful to be forgotten. what month is it? October? my, times fly so fucking fast. the good news is, December is coming in a single eyes blink. Christmas! o yea. and my bestfriend will getting married on the same month. i'll be the bridesmaid. *ehem. lots of things going on my head right now, i hate the 'why & how' questions things. i so fucking hate these. why dont i just go with flow? let things stay and goes as the way there are? why? see. i hate this why thingy. i kept busy collecting for a stone when all the while, i have diamond in my hand. no, in heart. granted is it? took for granted? hell yea. it came to realization of what i needs the most, and yet, i let it slipped away from my hand.. and from my sight, like for ever. just like that. how come i didnt see when it was there, i mean, when the diamond was there? how moron i was. but, just like everybody's doing, we have to live on. no matter how sorry i am, i have to live my life. things had happened. and i cant changed it. only if i can. how i wish. is there any other way to rewind and go back to the moments you were truly happy? id do anything to get one chance. to fix everything. but fixing things is not easy. hey, good thing comes with a little sweat, right? so, let's the sweat roll. HAHA

i always heart sunset.
ah well, forget this crap.
i need to rest.
and i want to smile on my dream.
just like this kitten. lol

laugh. it cure the confuse heart :D
so, let's laugh together. HAHA

my cousins, sister and i. cam-whore.

nitey nite guys. and girls. and kids. and everyone else. HAHA

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