Sunday, October 24, 2010


i dream of becoming a nurse longgg time ago, but i let the chances slip away most of the time, Dad kept asking me to be nurse actually. as i grew up, i learnt that .. there is a choice. i dont wanna be nurse. i wanna do something else. Ah well, my dad spent my whole jobless-time nagging of how i became so choosy. hehe seriously, how can we possibly go to work 8 hours every weekdays and not liking it. it just brings more pressure. and pressure is not a good thing.

anyway, that's not the point. it's a different story here. lol. do we call the staff in private clinic nurse or just staff? i went to Klinik Elopura last Thursday with my colleague, Kak Jo. we both had fever/flu/cough, and surprisingly, d staff was so rude to us. she yelled and treat us like some kind of moron. duh. luckily, Kak Jo knows how to repay her rudeness. Serve her right!

due to the great pain i felt, I went again to the same clinic Last Sunday (our panel, that's explain why) there were 3 of us waiting to see the doctor. so, i registered at 12 noon, and guess what? my turn was only at 2.30pm. it's a LONG wait -___- since my condition was getting worst, i went again to see a doctor at Hospital Duchess of Kent on Monday's midnight. All i got was injections on my right hand. but nothing goes wrong that day.

On Wednesday's afternoon, an ambulance took me from my cousin's house to the same Hospital. Again. soon after i arrived at the emergency, there's this nurse came to my bed and geez, she got the Lion Face. she asked me several questions, but i didnt really hear what she said since i concentrated more on fighting the pain. and trust me, it was really2 hurt! suddenly, this nurse came closer to my face and yelled

" Oi, Ko faham Bahasa Melayu ka tidak??!!! "

i tried to hold my pain, and looked at her, weakly said,

" tia payah mau marah-marah ba...... "

and she went away. omg. i still can clearly remember her face! cant she sees my pain?
Dad & Mum brought me back to Ranau the next day, and i was hospitalized again at Hospital Ranau for a week! the Good news is, the nurses in Hospital Ranau are way nicer than in Duchess Kent. at least, i dont have to bear the feeling of hating the nurses, lol, they're more friendly and awesome! :D

why the D.Kent's nurse have to be that rude? she should know better that she's dealing with people in PAIN. people that hurting. she should know that. but ah well, i guess she left her brain somewhere on the road that day. that's why she cant think smart. emm, God bless her.

will be extra careful after this.

oh btw, i lost 5kg in a week!!! :D

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