Tuesday, October 26, 2010

get a life!

we went to the same school together, 5 years but in a different class, and hey, we've got some lovely pictures together! now, we had left the high school for like 9-10 years ago, we've chatted, we've talked and all the while, i seriously thought you were that good as your looks. until this year, you showed us your true color. and it's so yucks. You were so busy bitching me behind my back when all the while, i thought we were friend. i dont know whats have got on your mind, but seriously, my life is NOT your business. Honey, you dont have to be that kind to tell the world whats ive been up to, who im dating with, im jobless or whatsoever.

you're so fake just like your 10inch make up.
You seriously needs a large self-renovations. life is short, if you dont know.
My advise, BANK is not suits for you, maybe Journalist. you can have the good point of being so busy-body.

oh, i had purposely deleted your BFF in my fb, but you? no.. not going to delete. yet. or not now. let's just play the game you have started. let's just tell the world how purely nice you are, shall we?

OW, and get a life :)

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